Our next step as entrepreneurs and investors


We have been working in the startup industry for more than 20 years, launching our own companies, mentoring some of the most successful tech startups and investing as business angels in more than 100 projects.


Thus we have decided to go a step further and launch Encomenda Smart Capital: a fund where we keep investing in seed digital companies with further resources and money but the same philosophy that we had as business angels. We help entrepreneurs for free in making strategic decisions, scaling organizations, implementing financial planning, defining new business opportunities, seeking new talent, analyzing their main KPIs and preparing their companies for next funding rounds.


Our initial investment ranges from 100K€ to 350K€, and we can invest up to 1,8M€ per company.

Our previous numbers as business angels and entrepreneursKey figures about us


Startups invested as BAs


Years in the startup ecosystem


Value created from invested companies

Our investment thesisWhat we look when analyzing a company:

Well-rounded teams

Seeking full-time dedicated founders, preferably with previous experience in other startups, with complementary profiles. 

Large markets

Investing in companies that operate in rapidly growing industries with large total addressable markets, excluding niche or local sectors.

Southern Europe 

Encomenda looks for already incorporated companies in Southern Europe. We can invest 10% of our fund in startups located in the US / UK. 

Initial metrics

Ideally digital startups that have launched their products and validated them by getting their first growing revenues.


In few cases we invest in product development stages when we find second-time or outstanding entrepreneurs.


Managing Partner

Oriol Juncosa

Managing Partner

Carlos Blanco

Investment Director

Miguel Sanz