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What's the webinar about?

In this webinar you will learn from top SaaS Founders, CEOs and investors about how to navigate the economic crisis and create value in SaaS companies in 2020-21. We will have:

Ricardo Sequerra: Partner at Point Nine Capital, one of the most successful investors in SaaS companies worldwide. Investors in top companies like: Algolia, Typeform, Clio, Docplanner, Zendesk, Ontruck, Revolut, Tier, Factorial...

Javier de la Torre: Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Carto, a SaaS for intelligence location. It has received over $31M in funding from Accel Partners, Earlybird...

Joaquim Lecha: CEO of Typeform, a SaaS to create forms that people love. It has received over $50m in funding from General Atlantic, Index Ventures, Point Nine Capital...

Javier Darriba: Co-Founder & CEO of Bloobirds, a SaaS end-to-end prospecting platform and former Co-Founder & CEO of Userzoom, a SaaS for user experience, which has received over $35m in funding.

Oriol Juncosa, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Encomenda, will moderate the session and add relevant points for seed entrepreneurs. Oriol is a successful business angel, particularly in SaaS companies, former CFO of Carto, co-founder of White Peak Partners and investor with Nauta Capital.

Encomenda Smart Capital, S.G.E.I.C., S.A., 2017. Calle Muntaner 499, Entresuelo 4ยช, 08022, Barcelona. Regulated entity in Spain (CNMV)


We are one of the most active Super Angel Funds / Seed investors in Iberia since 2018. Our philosophy is to invest with the same transparency, closeness, speed and at the same stage as when we invested as individual investors, but with the capabilities of a fund. 

At the same time we want to leverage our experience as entrepreneurs and executives in start-ups with our deep network to provide maximum value to start-ups and accelerate their development.

1. How to rethink your customer acquisition and retention strategies and tactics in this economic crisis? How to think about international expansion?

2. How to rethink your product to explore new opportunities and generate moat and defensibility?

3. How to build and manage your team for maximum motivation, engagement and performance?

4. How to engage with investors for fund raising? How to discuss valuation and round structure for maximum success?

5. In general, top tips that your companies have implemented in the last 6 weeks due to Covid19 and that will be valuable in 2020-21

How to navigate the crisis and create value in SaaS in 2020-21 

Ricardo Sequerra Amram 

Partner at Point Nine Capital 


Ricardo Sequerra 

Joaquim Lecha

Javier de la Torre

Javier Darriba

Oriol Juncosa

Partner at Point Nine Capital; former investor at Cherry, Faber and Seedcamp 

We will discuss the following themes:

Oriol Juncosa

Co-Founder & Managing Partner Encomenda



Guests speakers

Joaquim Lecha

CEO Typeform

CEO Typeform; former COO at Social Point ($250m exit in 2017) 

  Co-Founder at Carto, CSO and former CEO 

Javier de la Torre

CSO & Founder CARTO

Javier Darriba

Co-Founder & CEO Bloobirds

CEO & Co-Founder at Bloobirds; Co-Founder and former co-CEO at UserZoom  

60 Min