Encomenda Smart CapitalThe Super Angel Fund

As Business Angels we have invested in the last 10 years in more than 100 early-seed startups, helping them in their critical business areas. Due to the excellent results from our investments, we wanted to go a step further and create Encomenda Smart Capital: a Super Angel Fund where we can invest more resources but with the same philosophy we had while being Business Angels.


Encomenda Smart Capital invests in early-seed digital startups based mainly in Spain. Our initial investment ranges from 70K€ to 300K€, with follow-on investments of up to 1M€ per company. Additionally, we provide our know-how and network to help entrepreneurs in making strategic decisions, scaling their companies, creating new business opportunities and preparing the companies for international funding rounds.

Merging the best from BAs and VCs

A Business Angel Philosophy

  • Hands-on approachWe are as active as our entrepreneurs requires us to be, helping them for free with our know-how and networking.
  • Fast executionWe make quick decisions without bureaucracy
  • Entrepreneur-orientedWe know what means to be an entrepreneur, we have been there before.

A Venture Capital Structure

  • Follow-on investmentsWe initially invest from 70K€ to 300K€, and can make follow-on investments of up to 1M€ per company.
  • Corporate networkWe are connected with corporate market-leaders.
  • International networkWe have strong connections with international venture capital funds.

Meet Encomenda Community

We believe that everyone should give back something to the rest of the industry in order to foster a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem. Therefore, we have created Encomenda Community: a series of events where we have one-to-one meetings to give feedback to entrepreneurs, show some practical toolkits and interview successful entrepreneurs. Follow us on Twitter to know where and when the next one will take place.